Smart Meters and Energy Conservation

Amongst all the graphs, charts, technical jargon, links to this or that post, article, opinions and all else, good ol’ fashion common sense needs to creep into the picture. Such is the case at all times, and with Smart Meters, it’s no different.

You always come down to fundamental answers to fundamental questions. One question I think humanity really has to think about is:

Why are the companies and products that kill the most people the most profitable?

Think about it, it’s true, you know it, I know it, Humanity knows it, shareholders know it… So why?

That’s not the point of this post, just a curveball for you. The intention is to shed some light on something: do smart meters really conserve energy?

Smart Meters and Energy Conservation

So what is the answer? Well of course it is N O. But why? Common Sense! If you are corporate utility big shot and some clown comes into your office boasting about how smart meters can save people %15 on their energy bills, how long before security escorts that man out? Let’s say you are a complete idiot of a CEO and you decide to go ahead with this for some strange reason. Maybe you get a few hundred million grant from the government, you are nice guy… whatever. Don’t you think the second those smart meters went on there would be an INSTANT rate increase of, lets say, %15?

This is would be for the rollout costs of smart meters of course or some other excuse.

Let’s say you are in BC where they are telling you smart meters MUST be rolled out or ‘the lights will go out’ because we will exceed our energy needs. I have personally sat in places where hydro PR has boasted of people being able to save up to %80 on their energy bills with smart meters! Let’s come back to earth though, and stick with other public statements (which I have heard personally and used to be on the BC Hydro Smart Meters website section) was this %15 smart meters will save you number.

If we (BC) are steady at about 50 000 Gigawatt hours, for the past 5 years, SEE HERE  and smart meters are going to save us %15 (by my math that means 7 500 GW/h) Why are we pursuing so many Run of River projects, Site C etc?

We all know that reason, for mining, LNG etc. SEE HERE We must also understand something else for BC, Canada and North America. BC is set to be pillaged in every possible way for Power sales to North America and Asia  We used to have the lowest power prices, now that will be gone because the power produced in BC no longer has to be sold in BC (under various trade agreements, regulations etc.)

Getting back to smart meters, this device now requires an entire network of towers, routers, smart meters, servers, data storage centers, processors… you name it. ALL of which require electricity. Think about your house, who pays for all those pulses from  smart meters? Think about your appliances pulsing 24/7 (all 10-30 of them) who pays for that? (SEE HERE for why smart meters are designed this way)

Who pays for the new smart meters required every 5 years? Utilities will scoff at this number, which is where common sense comes in. How long did your last computer, cell phone… anything last you? How long did you keep it outside in the freezing cold, then into the scorching summer, back and forth, condensation, humidity, RF CAUSING ADVANCED CORROSION? Common sense tells me this is a fair assessment, when we know for fact ALL this tech stuff is designed to have a short shelf life. Common sense tells us that smart meters will be the same.

As technology evolves so will its needs, software upgrades, revamps, new ‘chips’ that aren’t ‘compatible’ with the ‘old style’ obsolete smart meters. This is where it gets saddening because the excuse by government and utilities for smart meters is ‘we are using old technology that hasn’t changed for 100 years’ Um, yeah, because it didn’t have to! I use power, meter spins, meter is %98.3 accurate, meter costs $50, lasts forever (30-50 years) that’s why!

How much energy (electricity) will be required do replace THE WORLDS’ smart meters every 5-7 years? All the infrastructure, server farms and so on? How much metal, plastic (think oil) shipping (oil again) installation (yep, oil for transport) tax dollars (requires oil and electricity to produce commerce to produce taxes) water required, the list is endless.

An endless list means, common sense… Endless amounts of energy needed and product sales!

The totally unforeseen costs of long term replacements 6 X per 30 years instead of, well, zero at $500+ a pop alone are enough to say how do smart meters conserve exactly?

Now Globally, people have been complaining of bills going up, many when they are not even at home (like vacation homes etc.)  There are many likely factors to this, likely that the smart meters are recording all the spikes that come into the line from cell towers cordless phones, cell phones, wi-fi etc. This is another reason why smart meters pulse all day, along with energy harvesting, real time spying, creating the cloud to sense all your credit/bank card chips, etc. Bad installations that lead to FIRES FROM SMART METERS and more.

So, common sense again please: How is it that smart meters that last 1/6th to 1/10th as long and cost anywhere from %500 to %1000 more can save energy? It’s impossible!

Which also brings me to my last point on energy conservation and smart meters. Simply put, smart meters will do absolutely nothing. Your energy prices are rigged, just like your interest rates and ALL other markets. You are nothing more than a profit vehicle for energy traders, big power and big oil.

Your land, home and all else are tools for smart meters to extract money out of via data sales, derivative trading schemes and well…death, slow fast or otherwise. Afterall, that is the best way to profit isn’t it?

I leave you with some things you may not know. I would advise you to read the these links HERE HERE HERE and HERE

This is why smart meters mean nothing but a pile of money.

If you ever wanted to know just what these corporate cronies that forced smart meters on you think of the end users of smart meters, look no further than this video and of course your common sense. Your house is now their ATM. (so not much has changed really except it has a smart meter on it now)

Pay close attention to what is said while single mothers and their kids’ food is being stolen out of their mouths, seniors pensions are being zeroed, the 9th largest economy is brought to its knees, Shareholders are being wiped out, lives are being destroyed and so on. And these are the same types that brought you smart meters?

I hope you enjoyed this article on smart meters. There is more info on smart meters in the posts on the right or the ones in this link. If you are educated on the topic of smart meters, the best thing you can do is pass this on, keeping smart meters off of a persons house may save them from fire, slow robbery by utilities, ill health effects from smart meters and more.





















Smart Meters and the End of Bees


Smart Meters and the End of Bees

Smart Meters WILL be the nail in the coffin for bees, for heirloom seeds/plants and all cells within creation that they touch if we don’t stop them. Many of the people looking into CCD have a very closed mind. “It is only this,” “it is only that,” “there is no other factor but X.” Therefor, even posing that smart meters (click kill bees, and mutate seeds) causes a stir for some.

It is as if somehow all the laws that show death and disease in humans and animals noted HERE  HERE and HERE do not apply to bees or plants. All things in creation obey laws and are really the same:

Which of course is very clear here when we see that radiation similar to smart meters can cause CCD:

Note that now we use phones over 6 X more powerful (928 Million hz vs 6 Billion Hz)  than the ones used in the study above. Smart Meters operate at this frequency and at least one other one (2.4 Ghz) Constantly, for life.

Note: We all must come to understand that there a multiple factors at play, but sometimes things are hard to ignore. Pesticides designed to Kill organisms… will do just that and they do to bees no doubt. Microwaves like those from smart meters that Kill Organisms… will do the same:

Bees simply cannot escape this, nor can your seeds, and plants, it is %100 impossible and there is ZERO that can be done to protect them from this or smart meters:

Smart meters are being deployed in these states.

Note that these pics are old and don’t include routers for smart meters and smart meters themselves, 4G and so on:

(cell towers in Canada)

So with smart meters, we are now adding massive layers of Radio-Frequency to the planet. Here is where it gets ugly. ALL buildings that use water, gas or hydro are slated to get smart meters X3. So those that choose not to use pesticides and the like for all the right reasons, will now be forced to genetically mutate everything in their area. Which also damages the Bees immune systems SEE HERE, as it does ALL organisms. Note how they state “the immune system seems to have collapsed” and magically there are all kinds of mites viruses and fungus’ that are very recently exploding despite the use of pesticides since before most of us were born.

Routers for smart meters are out in the countryside, they radiate everything up to 125 sq miles and smart meters 5 sq miles.

Here is a glimpse of what radiation from smart meters blanketing communities looks like:

This is just routers for smart meters alone which would be 1 per 2000-5000 houses at 125 mile radius:

Now something that must be considered is the undeniable fact the RF and EMF effect migratory birds, bees and other animals. SEE HERE Is it any coincidence that with smart meters and all else coming along bees cannot make it back to their hives, which is confirmed by other studies also?

 Smart meters will be doing this in the cities, country…everywhere

Smart Meters and the End of Bees

Smart meters can pulse up to 190 000 times PER DAY

How will smart meters and Bees co-exist? They won’t.  How is it bees will not have similar issues that the below studies have shown?

… We must come to the common sense conclusion that our very ability to produce food for our species is at stake.

Legislation for smart meters of course has taken our right to choose on this issue, but if we don’t get that right back, smart meters, along with the rest, will terminate us as a species due to our inability to grow food.

Of course, there are some things we should not forget when bringing up this subject:

This Robotic Bee SEE HERE is lifting a 25c coin. …”making the production of thousands seem frighteningly easy” is a quote that needs no description.

The plan, like with GMO’s, forests and all other life is to be able to patent, patent means monopoly or cash money to ‘investors’. So in the end smart meters are a perfect tool to reach every corner of the earth and every place a ‘natural’ bee could hide (or a natural anything) and microwave radiate it to death, so it can longer navigate back to the hive or have the immune system capacity to deal with basic sicknesses which is compounded by pesticides. Those are top issues with CCD. Thus creating a new revenue stream for Bio-Tech.

While there are unimaginable consequences to smart meters being deployed,  the jeopardizing of 1/3 +/- of the Entire Food Supply of the world seems to be quite an issue wouldn’t you say?

Instead of smart meters, we could just keep our analogues. We, knowing the above must fight to get smart meters removed, and for now, discontinue the use of the items we have a choice to not use like cell phones cordless phones etc.

Thanks for reading:

Smart Meters and the End of Bees


Learn more about smart meters in posts on right———–>

Smart Meters and BEES EMF/RF   RESEARCH:






















The Real Reason For Wi-Fi In Schools


The Real Reason For Wi-Fi In Schools

There is a reason for wi-fi in schools. I won’t insult the readers of this blogs’ intelligence. They know, we know, the world knows, its always the same thing, the root of all evil.

Wi-Fi in schools is of course about money but many are missing the point on this. In fact, I don’t think this point has been touched whatsoever.

If you are new to this blog, the topic of the dangers of wi-fi in schools and so on, there are posts for you to see why this machine must be stopped HERE HERE and HERE

Wi-Fi in schools has a more sinister plot. One that could care less of microwaving an entire generation of children and teachers who of course have children. Only a plot involving Trillions of dollars could negate the information of danger provided in the above links.

The Real Reason For Wi-Fi In Schools

The reason for wi-fi in schools comes into plain view once you do a small amount of homework. All you government union people will learn everything you wanted to know why the government is ripping you off. All you austerity against ‘bloated unions’ types will learn YOU are getting ripped off too. The same mechanism that REQUIRES wi-fi in schools is ripping us all off!

You are all saying “there is no law requiring wi-fi in schools” You are correct, there isn’t. We are not talking about law in the sense of ‘legal’ we are talking about the laws of human nature. One of which is GREED.

Greed is what requires wi-fi in schools.

EVERY hedge fund owns shares in all these companies that sell wi-fi products, particularly APPLE. The darling of Wall Street, financial planners…. the world. Have you ever noticed that all the rage in schools is for every kid to have an I-Pad? This necessitates wi-fi in schools.

What if you could get the taxpayers to buy untold amounts of units to support share prices by making policy for wi-fi in schools?

What if you could get the taxpayers to directly fund wi-fi in schoools?

Could it be that those that run hedge funds have their hands in ALL OF THE MONEY THE PUBLIC PAYS and would of course use wi-fi in schools to boost returns?

First you have to understand something as a foundation ALL OF THE STOCKS IN THE WORLD ARE RUN AND OWNED BY ONE ENTITY (click to see) that includes the stock certificate that is issued when you are born, a.k.a. birth certificate

The top 50 companies on the list of the “super-entity” included (as of 2007): Barclays Plc (1), Capital Group Companies Inc (2), FMR Corporation (3), AXA (4), State Street Corporation (5), JP Morgan Chase & Co. (6), UBS AG (9), Merrill Lynch & Co Inc (10),

SEE HERE for this article

An easy to understand progression is the intent here. This video has it ALL LAID OUT FOR YOU VERY EASILY Yes veterans, that is why your buddies die(d), you got maimed, country after country is put into debt and all the rest.

Wi-Fi in schools is the intent of the article, but all things need to have a proper foundation. Layers of lies need uncovering, we are getting close so don’t worry.

Now this BANKRUPT BEHEMOTH (UK, Canada, AUS) this is you too! Is a shadow derivative of what it used to be. In its ever reaching and expanding Black Hole of debt and lies, something had to be cooked up, a new form of money, and that is INFORMATION DERIVATIVES   By the way this is where the derivative mess of The greed of these companies at Work has gotten us so far.

Knowledge is the new currency, when people can’t even ride a bike, eat, walk, sleep without getting their data fix, you have a market. You ‘create’ the need wi-fi in schools. You have a data system (smart grid) that passes on everything every child (a massive market for money and purchasing power via the 18-40 demographic)

Marketers will know every single thing every person will do all day every day and guess who will be able to sell this data to the open market? That’s right, the utilities to the banks, the banks as INFORMATION DERIVATIVES.

So can you see now how this can happen where even your PENSIONS ARE BACKING THIS AT ALL COSTS.  You wondered why we can’t just use wireless huh?

Guess what else is happening…. you are a derivative! as is all that you do. For those of you in any country who can’t understand the massive increase in both jails and immigration, your answer is HERE and here open-letter-to-agents-of-the-crown

I am sure you are feeling pretty duped by now, and maybe even a bit by me, because you are saying I still don’t know the answer to the reason for wi-fi in schools!

Well here is in plain and easy explanation, the detailed description of how the Hedge Fund Hotel is gaming the taxpayer purse to prop the sales and profits for AAPL to make a fortune to run their massive commissions… with your kids as the scapegoats. Notice the #1 holding of hedge funds? Now look at the rest of the holdings:


So I have given you many reasons for wi-fi in schools, but not the top reason why it’s happening.

Here is where Everyone needs to pay attention, because the scam is way bigger than you thought, and it ends when people know it exists. This video is long, but don’t worry, you will see it all laid out in the first 45 minutes or so. And yes CANADA this is happening here.

This is the reason you never pay enough taxes, immigration is exploding as much as the prisons, total destruction is required, taxation of the air your breath, water you drink happens. The bankrupt Queen can never get enough from her subjects slaves of debt.

All of these funnel into the reason for wi-fi in schools, propping the darling of the crown, hedge fund managers, the corporate kings, the bankruptcy masters, the derivative wizards, the austerity hawks, the money masters, the masters of war who are all the same people.

This is for the Postal Workers, parents, BCTF, CUPE, Firefighters, Police, Nurses, Dr’s, Administrators, mothers, fathers, Veterans, seniors… EVERYONE all of which are being stolen from and poisoned to keep this system afloat at all costs.

Gold is the money of Kings (or in our case Queens),

Silver is the money of the Rich,

Barter is the money of Peasants


Notice how every country, person, company (except Apple of course) is in debt? You of course know now you are  debt instrument and born into debt right?

Now you can see how the system really works and the reason for wi-fi in schools the Hedge Fund managers are using your money to prop up their shares in Apple, Cisco etc:

Wi-fi in schools, is not happening to ‘educate kids’ Wi-fi in schools is happening to make money. Wi-fi in schools is happening to sustain the broke game.

Wi-fi in schools is the tip of the iceberg. Wi-fi in schools is one root of many on a tree. Wi-fi in schools is part of a system of endless slavery. Wi-fi in schools will be stopped and freedom will begin but the root of Wi-Fi in schools must be exposed first.


Energy Crisis or Idiot Crisis?


Energy Crisis or Idiot Crisis?

With all the ‘Smartwashing’ that is going on out there, I wanted to touch on a few things. First is a belief I have held for a long time, that the solutions to many issues (real or imagined) are NEVER what the government and Big Business want.

Problems present profit (and prophets). Crisis presents opportunity, mainly when there is a crisis the opportunity is capitalizing (hint, hint) on fear. The fear is a direct gateway for the prophet profits to, well, profit. Ever notice that no matter how many ‘crises’ there are someone is always getting richer while the rest of us get poorer?

Could it be said that the root of capitalism is really crises’ themselves? Capitalism is just a socially acceptable word for ‘not communism’ Communism is just another word for monopoly of all things, or really, dictatorship. Every time we see this we see ALL resources (including labour/humans) being monopolized. In asking the question:

Energy Crisis or Idiot Crisis?

…it is very quick to see, capitalism is really, communism. Witness Canada alone. We are passing ‘treaties’ and have been for decades now that the public gets zero say on, zero vote on, mostly has no knowledge whatsoever what has happened (thanks ‘media) and the only results is a further crisis, that requires more monopolizing of ALL resources. (like smart grid) Democracy? Yeah Right!

The using of the term Energy Crisis is no different. Simply put, there isn’t an energy crisis at all, there is no peak oil, no peak anything. The one thing that humanity may have reached is the peak of stupidity. Lurking in the shadows to be uncovered is the truth that Energy Crisis is a ‘problem’ likely easily solved, once those who perpetuate the myth of an energy crisis are removed.

Another belief I have always held is the bigger the problem makers get, the bigger the problem. In this case the biggest contributor to the perceived Energy Crisis is big government and big business not an energy crisis.

Scarcity is the producer of one thing PROFIT. Anyone in business knows this simple law of supply and demand. In our complex world (created by banks and wall street) we have shifted from actual supply and demand to derivative based projections, market manipulations and of course weather manipulations to list a few. This is how an energy crisis is ‘made real.’

Let’s take food for example. The government and Big Ag are constantly looking for subsidies and handouts to make food because billions of people are starving. Yet we produce enough food for 12 billion people, right now. Much of it is burned or wasted to keep profits up, to keep the energy crisis illusion alive.

While we subsidize Big oil and Big ag to avert an Energy Crisis, every house has the ability to make this ‘energy crisis’ disappear, drastically cut food and energy costs and more. Yet of course, this would not be profitable. These profits are needed to buy up farmland all over the globe so that food can be sold at a higher profit. The reason why the start of any Energy Crisis starts with food, is because food is the first energy, and was the first economy. So the Energy Crisis MUST be created with food first.

While the world is cleverly duped into global warming as the cause, people miss the real culprit to this equation. Those who haven’t punched their computer screaming that I am a big oil lover, can easily watch any of the videos I will post below to come to a common sense, non fear and greed based conclusion on this subject and what was need to make an energy crisis.

So, if we are going to subsidized banks, big ag, big power, big telecom, big brother, big big, and everyone else… why can’t we subsidize the common man? Keep in mind, I’m no lover of big government, but if the system is going to hand out money to all these scam artists, why not the common man?

This leads to belief number 3 on Energy Crisis. ‘Problems’ always have small solutions, for big problems, likely that cost 1/20th of the cost, reduce energy costs, food costs, debt and all else. The problem is of course… you know the answer to that, and of course, contrary to what they want you to believe, its not you. They are causing the ‘energy crisis’ not us!

You are the solution, and if you had even 1/100000th the help given to insiders, ALL that is called Energy Crisis, would disappear.

So if we are going to mention solutions to an energy crisis, why not talk about them right?

Why are we subsidizing TV makers profits who are buddies of people at BC Hydro to give people money to buy giant “energy smart” TV’s? Why are we giving money for people to buy Curly Light bulbs that cost way more to make and last half as long, cost more, run electricity through mercury vapour? If you click on the link below, you will notice one thing Rona, Costco, Home Depot and London Drugs,  conned your government (which means you) to give coupons/rebates (SUBSIDIES) for people to go and buy useless poisonous light bulbs from their buddies at Phillips and GE to make a profit off you!

Did you know that long ago they were making light bulbs that lasted 1000′s of hours? But of course that doesn’t make whole lot of money does it? So the government knows that we can make light bulbs that last forever SEE HERE  (ALL VIDEOS FROM THIS POST WILL BE AT BOTTOM ALSO)

See, wasn’t joking, literally, forever. Just imagine the amount of energy that would be saved from manufacturing light bulbs alone, the money you would save from buying them, extracting the materials out of the earth, shipping…. all of it…but NO, we have to subsidize Phillips, GE and co. You can see the Printers in here DESIGNED TO FAIL! The landfills, the plastics required (yep, big oil) the shipping…everything… now extrapolate that out to ALL appliances. You can see how easy and type of Energy Crisis can get solved! Think also about Analogue meters lasting 50 years vs Smart Meters lasting maybe…maybe 5… getting the point now? Never about solving the ‘energy crisis’ always about creating the energy crisis itself.

There is more though SEE HERE how ALL factories GLOBALLY could be way more efficient (translation: require less subsidies from your pocket) thereby reducing power costs, oil costs and more. Also you can see how easy it can be to reduce waste ( garbage trucks, recycling trucks, sorting plants and more) which is evidenced by the fact it is being done, right now, on massive scale, by large companies.

Note again that I am against big government, but if we are to have big government, why can’t some of this policy be mandated vs forced enslavement to the smart grid via THEFT OF OUR PENSIONS and more. Simple, to never solve the energy crisis!

Going back to food, Since there is MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF MONEY TO PAY FOR OUR SCHOOLS AND TEACHERS why are we closing schools? Of course to sell off the land for land developers to make piles of money. What solution could happen instead of this though? You have multi-acre properties in the middle of cities. If you are going to close them down…do something productive. (like solve the ‘energy crisis’ maybe)

Why not teach our kids to grow food? You can give high school kids credits to help grade schoolers throughout the summer, you could take some of the $120 BILLION given to the banks in Canada alone,(trillions to the rest of the world) or even some of the 10′s of BILLIONS per year that would be given to miners to rip up the province (and use tonnes of ‘Energy Crisis’ energy) and pay some people to watch over this land.

Dumb idea I know. You have kids actually learning how to be Energy Sustainable via food instead of having to ship all kinds of manufactured pesticide filled food from California or South America (more Energy Crisis energy being used) But of course Jim Pattison (or your local Grocery Kings wouldn’t be able to make millions and billions would they? Maybe you would even solve the ‘energy crisis?’

What would we do with all that food? Well instead of our hospitals, school cafeterias and seniors homes feeding our most vulnerable people garbage (like Jell-O, pop and energy drinks) maybe we could even sell that to them to offset costs, and make it…SUSTAINABLE? Yes, I know ‘fantasy’ isn’t it, would take a small amount of vision, a swipe of a pen, and a small amount of common sense and decency to your fellow man to solve the energy crisis.

Let’s look at your house now. I remember in my home back in Ontario, we had these curtains that were on tracks. They would create a total seal between the window and curtain, they would block out almost all heat in the summer, and almost all cold in the winter. This saved us 1000′s on energy (translation not very popular with big oil)

Where are these at Rona, Home Depot etc? Nowhere to be found…why aren’t we building our houses with these? Why aren’t these mandatory? I mean it is MANDATORY for you to subsidize mining, forestry, IPP’s in BC alone, why is this not mandatory?

Why are almost ALL houses built with a giant triangle at the top trapping 100′s of degrees of heat to be cooled by A/C (oh yes, very profitable) Why aren’t we doing what Ford Motors and a host of other companies did and planting on our roofs?

This would have the crazy logic of trapping heat in the winter (and keeping out cold) and keeping the cold in and heat out in the summer, saving untold amounts of energy, while at the same time, enabling people to grow food on their roofs. So would vertical gardens for those with minimal land space or those with lots of space but want to save their bodies (like the elderly) and reduce heating costs, food costs, transportation costs! Dumb idea I know, might actually solve the energy crisis. Where is the massive profits and forcing people to use credit cards for every purchase in that? How in saving money would it be good to pay down their mortgages so they can pay less interest? My bad, dumb idea.

Since we are only growing nearly twice as much food than the world can handle, SEE HERE don’t you think it may be a good idea to use the 1000′s of hectares that would be opened up from even 1/10th of the houses using their roofs?

What about subsidizing the PEOPLE (not banks so likely would be voted down very quick) to grow their own food? Each area could easily pay someone (perhaps with some of  those billions going to banks) to go around ‘checking’ people’s plots to ensure no one is gaming the system (like banks and BIG everything), then the water that we now have to be charged for (remember MONOPOLIZE ALL RESOURCES) by private companies, will actually be used to… produce energy…like food, driving down food costs (profits) and energy costs (less truckloads of X food from X country) and trips to the grocery store. Monopolizing water is ESSENTIAL to control and profits. The quickest way to profits is to have a product EVERYONE needs, well there is water, AIR (see carbon taxes) electricity and food…making anymore sense now? See how easy it is to create an Energy Crisis?

So you can see the Energy Crisis can easily be solved, there are many other things we can look at like not shipping trillions of pounds of useless sodas and garbage foods around, ACTUALLY making vehicles etc to last…..PEACE INSTEAD OF WAR? (%80 of US governments energy is used by the military) to of course get energy from anyone who makes energy, to avoid an energy crisis!

Now, as promised, for those who truly believe mother nature is out to get us if we don’t give all our power away, maybe there is something else going on besides that which has sustained life…forever ‘magically’ becoming the worst enemy that only government and big business knows how to tame, then you be the judge:

Do we have an Energy Crisis or Idiot Crisis?

See how ALL of “Global Warming” is debunked, in totality and the “Energy Crisis” that it has generated to force the resources out of our hands into big business is not even needed nor is the FORCED STERILIZATION OF WOMEN in the name of ‘sustainability’ Make an energy crisis, get your money, devastate in all your path… that’s called Big Business! Just think of the Trillions spent to make this lie, imagine all the commerce and energy required to make the tax revenue to support this myth!

Just wanting to throw something else out there… Ever wonder why we are using less electricity and other forms of energy, yet producing more LNG, Oil and Hydro, yet oil is still $85-110 a barrel? Simple answer: There is an Energy Crisis Remember!!! That energy crisis has put WTI oil from $11.3 in Dec 1998 to $85-110 now, not a bad profit due to an energy crisis is it!

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See how you can rig the weather to make billions (looking right at you Al Gore and your self made Carbon Credit Weather Derivatives scam to jack up food prices and steal farmland for Monsanto all in the name of “Global Warming” or “Energy Crisis”

Here is how we can solve most of these ‘problems’ that of course cannot be solved because their very solving would present massive losses to all the “Bigs” in power and an end to the energy crisis:

Can we really make things that last forever and would save untold amounts of energy to stave off an Energy Crisis?

Do we really need to close more schools at all to sell the land to land developers and insiders?











“Clean Energy” Policy vs Reality

This will likely be an ongoing series as we look at just what is Clean Energy, who has defined it, what it means, what it is, how or if it works and a host of other questions.

“Clean Energy” Policy vs Reality

People of BC need to wake up, the movie at the bottom is a follow up to a great movie called Gas Land. Find a way to watch that movie. You will see what is being called Clean Energy in BC.  Just like the smart grid, we know once something is called one thing by the government, big energy, the EXACT OPPOSITE is what will occur. Yes, this does also include wind energy and most, if not all the rest, which before all the turbine lovers get mad and the auto thought that anyone who even questions ‘renewable wind Clean Energy means they ‘love big oil’ comes up, I will guarantee you will learn lots about just what is Clean Energy from wind in future posts.

For the BC’ers you must understand ALL of site C’s power will be needed to destroy BC. What do I mean by that? The entire North of BC (and other places in it) has been staked out to be fracked by the same “Big…. Whatever” to profit, pollute and leave.

“Clean Energy” Policy vs Reality

The policy is, destroy BC’s water, subsidize the use of power to do it, use the CPP to make it happen and when all the profits have been made and all the “Clean Energy” has been stolen, walk. You can see how this will work HERE.

We can also understand, there was just another Earthquake on the coast 6.3 this time. How will such Clean Energy be when tankers full of oil, LNG get tsunami’d and destroy the pristine coast of BC? That is 2 in the last month over 6.o magnitude! BC is set to be pillaged in a Buy High Sell Low scheme so we can put ourselves into position to rob our pensions, ruin our waters in the North, our Coastal Waters, all the fish that people rely on, hunting grounds, trees, birds…everything… for Clean Energy. Yes folks, Fracking, is defined as Clean Energy, because LNG is Clean Energy!

It is time we learned just what “Clean Energy” means instead of blindly following things like wind and fracking energy. How foolish are we to just assume that if something is called something (SEE SMART GRID) that it is that, when the people selling this stuff (BIG OIL, ELECTRICITY IS THE BIGGEST SELLER OF “RENEWABLE POLICY” FOR A REASON) I leave you with some interesting quotes from the top promoters of Clean Energy policy. Reality and truth indeed are very far apart for these people, which I will touch upon later.

These lines of thinking are the basis for the Clean Energy policy moving forward, the video is at bottom.

“The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
- Club of Rome,
premier environmental think-tank,
consultants to the United Nations

“We’ve got to ride this global warming issue.
Even if the theory of global warming is wrong,
we will be doing the right thing in terms of
economic and environmental policy.”
- Timothy Wirth,
President of the UN Foundation

“No matter if the science of global warming is all phony
climate change provides the greatest opportunity to
bring about justice and equality in the world.”
- Christine Stewart,
former Canadian Minister of the Environment
The models are convenient fictions
that provide something very useful.”
- Dr David Frame,
climate modeler, Oxford University

It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true.”
- Paul Watson,
co-founder of Greenpeace

Yes folks, plenty more where that came from in the future posts of this series “Clean Energy” Policy vs Reality



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